Encore: Finding Balance as a Breastfeeding Mother

with guest Judy Masucci

Air Date: May 1, 2017

Although recent changes in federal employment law are supposed to support breastfeeding mothers who work outside the home, the reality is that many still face a host of challenges in the workplace. Balancing paid work and breastfeeding is not easy. Take it from Judy Masucci, PhD. Formerly a biotech executive, Judy left her successful career in that competitive field to develop A Mother’s Boutique, a resource for new mothers in need of breastfeeding wear, support, and breast pumps. This scientist-turned-“bra whisperer” has hard-earned experience on topics such as breastfeeding, breastfeeding wear, and breast pumping. What do mothers need to know when choosing a nursing bra? How can they plan ahead for postpartum needs before their baby is born? What is a virtual bra-fitting? Why is a good fitting bra especially important for the breastfeeding mother—and her baby? Join Marie and Judy for discussion of bras, breastfeeding, and work-life balance.

Guest Profile – Judy Masucci

Judy Masucci overcame many obstacles in her career as a successful biotech executive, but as a first-time mother at the age of 38, she found herself facing a host of new challenges. For the first time, Judy was on the receiving end of jabs in the workplace, and targeted with comments about her reduced (still full-time) schedule and the closed-doors that resulted from breast pumping in the workplace. After negotiating a severance package that gave her some flexibility, Judy began to look for a new career. As a new mother nursing “everywhere,” Judy wanted clothing that would help her breastfeed in public comfortably. Her unmet need proved to be the inspiration for “A Mother’s Boutique,” her online and brick-and-mortar one-stop shop for new mothers.
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