Judy Masucci

I was very impressed by http://www.mothersboutique.com and all of the wonderful products there. If you’re looking for bras or coats or swimsuits or anything else while you’re pregnant or lactating, I’ll bet you’ll find it on this site.

What’s almost as amazing as the web site is the woman behind it: Judy Masucci. Complete with a PhD degree in her back pocket, Judy Masucci seems to have had it all, given it all up, and gotten “it” all back again during her second career. Clearly, the second “it” is more meaningful to her. When I talked with Judy before the show, I was astonished at how she gave up what seemed like every woman’s dream: A big job with big money. But, as all of us know, having a child changes your life and beckons you to re-examine your priorities. Clearly, Judy did that, and she is happy.

I am amazed that Judy seems to have thought of everything for her online store! Take a look at that site! It’s amazing! On the show, you’ll see that Judy and I spend the entire third segment talking about products that I’ve never heard of. Let me put that into perspective. I’ve been in the breastfeeding business for over three decades. If stuff that I’ve never heard of is listed on her web site, it’s a sure indication that Judy has made an effort to think of and list everything that any pregnant or breastfeeding woman could possibly need or want.

Judy is not just another retailer. She’s not just another career woman. She’s a woman with vision, drive, and a passion for helping other women. Be sure to hear all that she has to say about her journey. I had much to learn from Judy, and I think you will learn from her, too!

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