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An Unexpected Dance with Kuroji Patrick

I met V. Kuroji Patrick in a most unusual way.

I was attending the USBC 2014 Coalitions Conference, and exploring the exhibits. I noticed Kathleen Kendall-Tackett there, and wanted to invite her to come on my radio show, but she was talking with someone else, so I decided to wait until she was finished. Suddenly, out of seemingly nowhere, came a tall, slender man who took my hand, and began moving me in a dance-like fashion around the exhibit floor, twirling and whirling me with graceful steps and chatting in a soft-spoken voice. In a minute or so, he asked how this felt. I chuckled and answered, “Well, you’re a little tall for me, but I guess it works.” Continuing to chat while waltzing me around, he declared, “You’re leading, you know.” To which I retorted, “Yeah, I generally find a way take the lead, whether it’s dancing or anything else. And, by the way, I’m Marie Biancuzzo. Who, exactly, are you?”

He said he was Kuroji Patrick. I had never met him, and had never heard of him.

Admittedly, this was not the manner in which I usually strike up a conversation. Yet, in an odd way, I found myself immediately at ease while talking with him. I found out a little about what he does, and why he’s so passionate about helping fathers to be supportive of breastfeeding. He has this compelling, serious side that is just as interesting as his easy-going, funny side. Instinctively, I knew that Kuroji would be a great guest for the show.

I feel sure that you’ll enjoy spending time with Kuroji.
Listen to Marie’s interview with Kuroji Patrick
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