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Interview with Linda Smith

Linda Smith is a colleague, and a friend. I’m not sure when I met Linda, but it was many, many years ago. I really got to know Linda when we were both working on the United States Breastfeeding Committee (USBC). At first, we simply enjoyed each other’s company at the lunch or break times, or defended each other on various issues. Later, on the nights before the meetings, Linda slept at my house, just outside of Washington D.C., where the meetings were often held. We had some great conversations then. Eventually, Linda was elected Recording Secretary the same year that I was elected Corresponding Secretary for the USBC. I especially remember one day when some project was stuck. No one seemed to be moving it forward, and the leadership team didn’t seem worried about the lack of progress. Linda, not being a woman with much tolerance for inertia said, “I think the two secretaries need to take this on. Marie and I can do this.” She hadn’t asked me, but she didn’t have to. She knew me well enough to know I would cheerfully agree. 

Linda and I don’t always see exactly eye to eye, and we have some distinct differences. She’s fairly concrete; I’m fairly abstract. She’s fairly brave and courageous; I’m more timid. She is a barrel of fun; I’m more serious. But we have similar philosophies and values. She has always accepted me exactly as I am, and while that may not be easy, she makes it look easy. 

Usually, you can ask Linda anything and she’ll give you plenty of facts or opinions, and she is quick to differentiate one from the other. She is also a great story-teller. I distinctly remember one day when I asked her about something, and she laughed and replied, “Oh Marie! That’s a 3-beer story!” 

I know you’ll enjoy this show where Linda will show her wit, and her wisdom.    
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