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Tweaking Your Swing

Many new mothers start with a clearly-stated goal to do exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months. Many have a solid plan for how to meet that goal. But sometimes, things don’t start out exactly as these mothers had hoped or planned, or they run into an issue later in the game—maybe when they return to work. More times than not, I’ve seen women thrown off their game—not by the huge factors that require them to be on a whole new playing field—but by the small things that require an adjustment in their swing.

Peak performance coach Tony Robbins tells the story of hiring an instructor to help him learn to play golf. As I understood the story, he swung the club, and hit the golf ball right into the rough. The instructor told him that he almost had it; he just needed to adjust his swing a few millimeters. Robbins scoffed and pointed out that in fact the ball had landed in the rough; it was many yards from the hole, not just a few millimeters! The instructor explained that although the ball had landed in the rough, his swing was off only a few millimeters; hitting the ball a few millimeters off the correct angle can make a big difference to where the ball actually lands. I loved that story, because it demonstrated what I’ve always noticed about breastfeeding mothers. The needed “correction” is often little more than tweaking what they are already doing.

If you’re feeling like something has thrown you off your game, maybe it’s time to tweak your swing a few millimeters. Join me for this show. Maybe you can get out of the rough, win the game, and meet your goal.
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