Eating Your Placenta: The Pros and Cons You Need to Know

with guest Donna Walls

Air Date: February 26, 2018

Biologist Charles Darwin famously pointed out that there are many similarities between humans and other mammals. Now, many mothers are wondering: Should we take a tip from the animal kingdom when it comes to placentas? Kim Kardashian West, January Jones and many others have consumed theirs. Is there some health-based reason for doing so? What are the benefits? The risks? Join Marie as she talks with nurse/lactation consultant/herbalist Donna Walls about the increasingly common practice of eating the placenta. Is it a new fad? An ancient practice? Why is it done? How can it be prepared—and more to the point—how should it be prepared? What are the myths, and the facts, around this practice? How does it affect milk supply—if at all? Whether or not you have consumed placenta yourself, whether or not you’re planning to do so in the future, this is one interesting “Born to be Breastfed” you won’t want to miss.

Guest Profile – Donna Walls

Donna has been an RN for 45 years, 43 of those years in maternity. In the 80’s, she became a Certified Childbirth Educator as well as a Certified Lactation Consultant. She has worked as a clinical LC for 30 years, up to her retirement in 2017. She developed and opened the first in-hospital alternative birth center in Ohio in 1995, which continues to serve families desiring a natural birth. She has also assisted several hospitals in the process of becoming designated as Baby Friendly. In 1997, she became a master herbalist with a degree in herbal sciences and became certified as an aromatherapist in 1999. She was in private practice as an herbalist until 2013. She continues to teach for the Healthy Children Project and Sinclair Community College. She is a strong supporter of environmental health, having published two books on the topic. You can find her most recent book here:
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