Dads Can Do It: How to Provide Essential Support for Breastfeeding

with guest Calvin Williams

Air Date: June 16, 2018

Several factors contribute to low breastfeeding rates in the U.S. Too many infants go without their mother’s milk after birth, at six months, and at a year. The health consequences for babies and their mothers are serious. What can be done to change this situation? Tune in as Marie talks with Calvin Williams about one key factor in mothers’ breastfeeding success: fathers’ involvement. Find out how fatherhood programs can help to dispel myths about breastfeeding. Learn specific steps fathers can take to support their partners in breastfeeding, during the first days after birth and beyond. Find out about available free resources that can make a difference for your own family, and other new families you know.

Guest Profile – Calvin Williams

Calvin Williams is President of Lucian Families Inc., an Ohio-based company that provides services to organizations that support fathers, parents, co-parents, and couples in improving relationship quality and functioning. He is the Fatherhood Coordinator for the Hamilton County Department of Job and Family Services. Mr. Williams is co-author of the On My Shoulders fatherhood curriculum, a program that equips fathers for success in relationships with their children and co-parenting partners. He previously served as the Director of Fatherhood Services at Public Strategies Incorporated in Oklahoma. Before joining Public Strategies, Mr. Williams was the Program Director for the Lighthouse Youth Services REAL Dads Program, and for the Services United for Mothers and Adolescents Fatherhood Project. He is a founding and current board member with the Ohio Practitioners Network for Fathers & Families, a statewide training, advocacy and support organization for fatherhood practitioners.
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