Ask Marie

One of Marie’s favorite jobs was being a staff nurse. Why? Because Marie truly enjoys helping mothers. If you’re a mother, she would love to help you!


Send your questions to, or call in during shows when Marie is taking listener questions at 1-866-472-5792.


Remember, Marie won’t give medical advice, but, like the show itself, she will help you bust through the myths and clarify the facts on breastfeeding.


If you want to qualify for an answer to be featured on the show, here are some simple guidelines;


1.   Please keep your question under 30 seconds in length. If it goes a little over, that’s fine, but please be concise, and formulate a clear question.


2.   State your first name, and how old your baby is. “Hi, my name is Jane Doe. My baby is 2 weeks old. Here is what I don’t understand (or can’t resolve, or need help with. My question is …”


3. If your baby has a special circumstance–like he was born prematurely, or has a heart condition, or has had surgery or anything that is sickness related, please be sure to mention that.  


Boring, but required, legalese:

Information given on Born to be Breastfed podcast or Marie Biancuzzo’s web sites DOES NOT PROVIDE ANY MEDICAL ADVICE. Information on Marie’s web sites or the podcast is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for the advice provided by your physician or your baby’s physician or other healthcare professionals; you agree to these terms when you listen live or download Marie’s shows. Always speak with your physician or your baby’s physician or other healthcare professionals before deciding on or declining any medical or treatment for yourself or your baby. Information provided on the web sites or the podcast and the use of any products or services mentioned by Marie or her guests DOES NOT create a doctor-patient relationship between you and any of the professionals affiliated with our web sites or podcasts.
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