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Air Date: December 30, 2013

The birth of your baby is a rare experience, and one that should be exciting, energizing, and peaceful. For too many modern mothers, it is a busy time involving a host of nurses, doctors, and others bustling about the labor and delivery room. It may seem crazy to suggest intentionally adding another person to the scene—but there’s one person you’ll definitely want to have at your baby’s birth: your doula. Doulas can provide essential support at this important time, not only helping you feel better emotionally but improving birth outcomes, too! Learn about how doula support during birth lowers the risk of epidural and cesarean section, leading to better health outcomes and breastfeeding for mothers and baby. Listen in as Marie talks with Teresa Bailey, CD, IBCLC, doula and co-coordinator with Pittsburgh-based “Hearts and Hands Doula Services” and author (with Jan Mallak) of “Doulas’ Guide to Birthing Your Way.”

Guest Profile – Teresa Bailey

teresabaileyTeresa Bailey, CD, IBCLC, has been a doula with “Hearts and Hands Doula Service” since 1999 and a lactation consultant since 2010. She and Jan Mallak (founder of Hearts and Hands) co-authored “Doulas’ Guide to Birthing Your Way,” published by Hale Press in 2010 and available on Amazon. As a doula, Teresa has attended more than a hundred births, including VBACs, cesarean births, inductions, birth center births, twin births, home births, and births with water. She also provides postpartum assistance, including breastfeeding help. As an educator, Teresa teaches new mothers about their upcoming birth; she also trains new doulas. In addition to her doula and lactation consultant training, Teresa has earned a doctorate in law, a master’s degree in library science, and a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and mathematics. She is happily married to writer Christopher Bailey, and has a son Simon, born in 2001 in a doula-attended birth. She blogs at
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