Breastfeeding Twins, Triplets—or More!

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Air Date: November 11, 2013

BTBB_quote_Karen_Gromada BTBB_quote_Karen_Gromada_2 If breastfeeding one newborn seems a challenge, think about the mother with two newborns, three newborns—or more! Juggling the babies, positioning them at the breast, pumping to meet their needs, and parenting them in the NICU if they are born preterm all make for an entirely different kind of “breastfeeding dance” than that experienced by the mother of one. What do expectant mothers of multiple babies need to know about breastfeeding their babies? What steps are essential to establishing a strong milk supply in the early days and maintaining it throughout the breastfeeding journey? Join Marie Biancuzzo as she discusses the ins and outs of breastfeeding twins, triplets, and more with expert Karen Kerkhoff Gromada, author of the essential resource on this topic: “Mothering Multiples: Breastfeeding and Caring for Twins or More.” Learn to identify the particular challenges of mothering multiple babies at once, and identify strategies for supporting the mother and overcoming the challenges.

Guest Profile – Karen Kerkhoff Gromada

Karen Kerkhoff Gromada, MSN, RN, IBCLC has worked in various perinatal settings, including labor and delivery, early postpartum discharge homecare, and as a private practice and hospital-based lactation consultant. Former leader of a La Leche League group specifically for mothers of multiples, she continues to help mothers facing these particular challenges via private consultation. Karen is the author of ”Mothering Multiples: Breastfeeding and Caring for Twins or More” and related articles for professional and parent publications. A past president of the International Lactation Consultant Association, Karen has breastfed each of her five children (including twins). She is online at
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